Iglesia Presbiteriana Evangélica de Montevideo

The newest Reformed church plant in Uruguay is the Iglesia Presbiteriana Evangélica de Montevideo (IPEM). Located in the capital, a city containing about one half of the nation’s population, this mission church hopes to sow seeds of the gospel to all who will listen to the message of the Lord Jesus Christ. The work is led by two missionary pastors, Rev. Mark Richline and Rev. Ray Call, and operates under the oversight of the Committee on Foreign Missions of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

The work began in the barrio of La Blanqueada, a centrally located neighborhood in the city of Montevideo, in May 2015. Though now in the foundational stages with only two full time long term missionary families, there are high hopes that the Lord will be pleased to bless this work with a fruitful harvest.

The church launched its first official worship service on October 4, 2015. A special meal was provided along with the gracious help of a short term team from the U.S. Several visitors were present.  The church plant recently began its second membership class and is focusing on preaching the Word of God, discipling those who come regularly, identifying potential future leadership, and evangelizing the lost.  Iglesia Presbiteriana Evangélica de Montevideo desires to glorify the Lord God in every way, seeking him in all that they do.

In July 2018 IPEM found a new meeting place in barrio Cordón, a heavily trafficked area downtown not far from Tres Cruces – Uruguay´s largest international bus station. The location is also on the corner of a very busy plaza, which is an ideal place for reaching out. Along with moving, they also conducted their 2nd annual English Club – a four day intensive English language training.